Translation process

The organization of the translation and localization work includes several stages of intervention depending on the complexity level of the text.

In the first phase, a mother tongue translator translates the text. In the second phase the text is reviewed by another mother tongue translator specialized in the revision of the texts.

Then, the translated texts are digitally stored under the name of each client so that it can be referred to again for any possible, future translation. This method facilitates the translation and ensures the quality and the most suitable terminology.

Persian Translators chooses its translators with care, making sure that they have academic qualifications and enough experience to guarantee optimal translation quality. Each of our translators is specialized in the use of new technology and carries out his work independently.

To understand more dearly the the way Persian Translators meets its clients’ needs, you can look at the diagram showing how work is organizid.

The steps Persian Translators goes through:

  • Registration of the client in a data base;
  • Accurate translation by our native speakers who are experts in the subject;
  • Checking the text by a supervisor who is a specialist in revision;
  • Filing the text under the name of the client;
  • Handing in (the modalities of handing in will be specified by the client).